Heidelberg is a very much frequented town. We therfore have reserved a limited number of rooms in the hotels listed below. All hotels are in the center of the town. Please state your requests for accommodation on the registration form. Hotel rooms can be reserved only until July 31. Bookings are made on a first come first served basis. Although we will try to take your choices of hotel/price into account, we cannot guarantee a room in a specific hotel.

Hotel booking can also be done by contacting the Central Hotel Reservation (Tourist Office)

List of hotels with reserved rooms (rooms can be booked via the registration form):

Hotel Address Tel.* Room type Price per day
Ibis Lessingstr. 3 9130 single 84 €
Central Kaiserstr. 75 20641 single/double 80-95 €
Anlage Friedrich Ebert Anlage 32 160034 single/double 66-76/86 €
Denner Bergheimer Str. 8 604510 single 90-105 €
Ebert-Park Karlsruher Str. 130 310300    
Kohler Goethestr. 2 970097 single/double 68-78 €
Neckar Hotel Bismarkstr. 19 905150 single/double 83-95/89 €
Tannhäuser Bergheimer Str. 6 97760 single 85 €

* The prefix for the listed telephone numbers is: +49 6221